Saturday, 9 April 2016

Contoh Letter

Jl. Penegas No.181, Klaten                             
           Kebumen, 1 Desember 2015

My  Uncle, Rafa
Hello uncle, are you ok there ? How about aunty Lia ?  I am here so good ! Does Rizka miss me ? I hear that she will has sibling ! thats true ? oh ... congratulations uncle !
 Do you remember that some months later we will commemorate about Maulid Nabi ? I like to hear your voice when you do sholawat... ! I miss that... ! we can do together ...?
As you know that our big family always hold event to commemorate Maulid Nabi. We have met to talk about event to fill it, and we agree to hold :
1.     Qira competition
2.     Khitobah competition
3.     Talkative competition
We open the event on 21st Desember 2015 with story of  Nabi. On 22nd-23rd Desember 2015 we hold its competitions. We close the event with do sholawat on 24th Desember 2015. We take place at Sanjenawi Family’s house.
We need you to come to be a judge in that competitions and do sholawat in the closing event. I hope you can fulfill our invitation, and attend with aunty Lia and Rizka. Please confirm your pleasure because it is important.
RSVP : 025 205 334 5 ( contact Sanjenawi Family )
Your niece
Puji Astuti