Saturday, 9 April 2016

Contoh Menulis Recount

Month     :      Februari
Date        :      Saturday, 6th 2015
ENGLISH CONVERSATION                                                   RECOUNT

Hello friends !
   I think all of you have some experiences on your last holiday, right ? maybe it was terrible,enjoyable,unforgottable or memorable experience. In this occasion, I will tell you about my experience. Will you know ? Ok, go on !
   Last holiday, I didn’t have event to spend my very long holiday! I said it was very long holiday, because it made me boring ! In the first week, I thought it was enjoyable. I had additional class about Indonesian, English, Biology and other to prepare final examination. It was very usefull to me. It hold for three days. After that I only stayed at home. “ I have very long time ! If I use this time to study, it will be better,” I thought. And than I spent my spare time in front of the books. One day, two days it was smoothly. But, some days later Iwas bored. I thought, my holiday was very flat. I tried to cheer my self, such as watched TV,played with my siblings, but I couldn’t cheer my self.
   One day, I didn’t have smile to everyone. My parents knew that. I thought , they would make something to me, but nothing. Sometime, my mother called me to help her. But, I pretended to don’t hear it. Because, I thought my mother would undrstanding me. But, what next ? my mother was very angry to me. She said, “ You are lazy girl, you only think about happiness “. My mother made me shy with myself. So I rushed to help her. When I help my mother, she always said anything about my mistakes. For that moment, she was angry to me. I was tired to hear her voice. However, I was speechless.