Saturday, 9 April 2016

Contoh Menulis Simple Conversation

Creat simple conversation

Situation : You and Your partner have Biology project about respiratory. But You and Your friend didn’t have book’s about it. So You ask Your partner to borrow the book inthe library
X                :        Do You remember about our homework ?
Y                 :        We have homework ?
X                :        Oh My God, don’t you remember about biology project ? We must submit it tomorrow ! are you finished ?
Y                 :        oh no ! I’m really forgot it ! yesterday, I’m very busy about prepared material to took part in second try out !
X                :        oh, ok ! no problem, maybe we have little time to do it !
Y                 :        and by the way, biology project about..... ?
X                :        respiratory !
Y                 :        respiratory?
X                :        yes, of course !
Y                 :        but, we don’t have book or notes about it ! so, we can to do it ?
X                :        oh my God ! thats true, so what happen ? if we don’t submit it tomorrow, the teacher will give us punishment !
Y                 :        please keep calm, never give up ! we can borrow some books about respiratory in the library, right ?
X                :        oh yah ! thats good idea ! and now I ask you to borrow some books about it !
Y                 :        in the library ?
X                :        oh, You like to look me angry ?
Y                 :        oh, I’m sorry-I’m sorry. In the library of course !
X                :        wait......
Y                 :        what happen ?
X                :        You know about the rule of the library ?
Y                 :        ah........!
X                :        we can’t to borrow some books inthe library after activities in the school finished !
Y                 :        oh no ! what happen is it ! I won get punishment !
X                :        you ask me to keep calm, but You ?
Y                 :        ih....reflex ! so what happen is it ?
X                :        I ask you to think ! to make solution !
Y                 :        ok ! peace !
X                :        ah, I’ve a good idea ! we can borrow some books inthe library now !
Y                 :        please, don’t make me confused !  You say can’t, but now youn say can !
X                :        I’m serious ! we can borrow  som books in the library if we give somehelp to the librarian ! thats good idea ?
Y                 :        maybe !
X                :        of course, thats good idea !
Y                 :        so, don’t make this time useless !

X+Y           :        let’s go !