Saturday, 9 April 2016

prosedure text

Procedure text

Make U confidance in front of U’re class
Ø First U don’t fell nervous !
Ø Then, imagin if U are best one ! but U’re friends don’t know anything !
Ø If U will explain something, make U sure If U can do it or U must learn about the materials before U explain in front of U’re class !
Ø Don’t respons , if U’re friends said but it is useless
Ø If U can do them, I think U’ll feel more confidance !

Procedure  text
Make jam from carrot
ü  First, scar some carrot carefully but before that you must wash that
ü  Second, turn the stove ang put the pan on it
ü  And then, pour scar carrot into the pan and stir well
ü  At about, a half minutes later, add sugar as like you. But, don’t too much
ü  When scar carrot and sugar had mix, you can take it and don’t forget to turn off the stove
ü  You can grease it into a bread and you can make it as breakfast, foodstuf or etc.
Procedure text
How to doing experiment with a pack of tea
If you want to make experiment with pack of tea, you must prepare a pack of tea, scissors, and matches. So simple, right ?
First, you must slice pack of tea with scissors, and come out the tea. And then standing up the pack of tea. After that, burn up it with matches. And what will happens ?
If you succes in this experiment, the pack of tea will fly to some time and then come down. And never give up if your first experiment falls. Try again and again and reach the succes.