Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The Legend Of The Ambalresmi Village

By. Prayogi Wicaksana
Once upon a time, Ambal was a regency that still undered the Mataram Kingdom. At that time, the regent of Ambal was Raden Aryo Blitar. Its atmosphere was peaceful and quiet, trade was also developed. The sketch in front of “Pendopo” at Ambal was like in front of “Pendopo” at Kebumen. There was a town square, in the west there was a mosque that was called The Big Mosque Ambal Regency (is a historic building that still sturdy until now). Its reach was very wide. In the west until Puring. While in the east until Rawa River.

During his authorization, Aryo Blitar got many problems from Mataram. Mataram was allied with the Dutch, so all the result of earth and spices that required by Dutch were sent to Mataram. At that time, in the Panjeroma Regency, which was located in Nabatiyasa was powered by Bodronolo. He had two “Senopati”, their name were Ganaspati Jonggolo (was assigned to Panjeroma nort), from Banjarnegara, Purbalingga, until Wonosobo. In the south, submitted to the Gamawijaya (he from Plempukan Kembaran village, Ambal).
But at the moment, Bodronolo didn’t agree with the alliance of Mataram with the Dutch. So Gamawijaya got the confidence to gnaw the administration of Ambal Regency. The result of earth and spices that required by Dutch were robbed by Gamawijaya. The results of the robbery was given to the poor. Then, occurred the battle with Ambal Regency. The Ambal Regency (Aryo Blitar) was lost and escaped to Mataram. Ambal regency was destroyed, so that the name of Gamawijaya was famous and he considered as a defender of people who anti-Dutch.
Then, the Dutch instigated Mataram to make the prize contest. Whoever could decapitated Gamawijaya, will got the prize in Ambal. Senopati of Mataram nobody was able to fight Gamawijaya. However, there was someone from Purworejo named Semedi that touched his heart to follow the prize contest. Semedi was lost in fight Gamawijaya. Then he ran to Klirong to ask for help to Mr. Glondhong Jeruk Agung. Mr. Glondhong aord and lended his son, Handogo to fight Gamawijaya. Handogo given inheritance named “Tlempak”. Handogo fight against Gamawijaya. Finally, Gamawijaya killed. After that, Semadi decapitated Gamawijaya and brought it to Mataram.
At that time, the Mataram government appointed Purbonegoro to be a regent of Ambal, with the title was Raden Adipati Purbonegoro. A few months later, there was issues that Semadi want to be the regent of Ambal. Handogo came to Mataram to brought witnesses that who killed Gamawijaya was not Semedi, but Handogo. Semedi just brought his head. However, who killed him was a Handogo. So, the kingdom of Mataram ordered Purbonegoro to became the regent of Ambal troughout his life.
Finally, after Purbonegoro died, the regency of Ambal was lost. In addition, before Purbonegoro died, he had willed to his offspring to didn’t be the regent of Ambal. Since then, Ambal who was the regency became the village named Ambalresmi Village. The word “resmi” indicated that Ambal was still there. Then appeared several villages, such as Ambal Kebrek, Ambal Kliwonan, and Ambal Pucangan. However, its center was Ambalresmi.