Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Legend Of Ambalkebrek


     The village with the rule that had to run. Like the other place in common, Ambalkebrek had myth that so powerful and most of the resident believed on it. They would feel anxious when they didnt do that. Especially was related to Warung Kebrek.
   Warung Kebrek was place to trade activity. That place was famous, every morning it would crowded with the sellers and buyers. Although it was narrow, but didnt know why it was become a center of trade activity like traditional market. Beside that there was ritual in Warung Kebrek. Every Suro ( quotation the one of month in Java ) in that place had to held Wayang Kulit performance. Exactly in the afternoon after dzuhur. Usually it would take on village chiefs birthday (weton).
     Previously there were the condition to held it. The village chief would ask people to slaughter goat that was bought with tax money from the resident. The goats head would be ritual offering which was buried around the Warung Kebrek. While to some hamlet of that village, the goats blood would be buried on elders cemetery. Those conditions had to run especially to held Wayang Kulit performance in Warung Kebrek.
      One day on Suro at about 1980s there was  not Wayang performance in Warung Kebrek. The next morning there was people who possessed and went berserk talking about Warung Kebre to the village chief. Not only that, there were some strange incident. So until now every Suro will be hold wayang performance in Warung Kebrek.